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deviation in storage by SlummingItWithJohnny




(Posted this on Tumblr and figured might as well post it here too)
1. I will just do it until things get better./I can stop any time I want.
NO. It is an addiction. Yeah, some people may scoff at that, but it literally is. Stopping is much easier said than done. Just the same as smoking or drugs, except here there can be an extreme emotional attachment. Don’t you think inhaling smoke from a stick looks stupid to the outsider looking in too??

2. I will only do it in this one spot.
This one’s a big one for me. I told myself that too, but that is really hard. You run out if space and you move it. Before you know it, it’s from your wrist to your shoulder and from your hip to your ankle.

3. Nobody will ever find out.
I thought this, but the odds are somebody IS going to find out eventually. You’re going to have scars for the rest of your life. Telling somebody can help though. Hiding it is very very hard, especially when it’s bad. Nobody found out for over a year for me, nobody had a clue. I lied my ass off to everyone, including myself. I didn’t think anyone would ever know.

4. I will never let it get that bad.
You know what, I can promise you that pretty much anyone has told themself this. Anyone who got to the point where they do it every day. Everyone who has covered themself. Anyone who had cut too deep. Anyone who has carved words into themself. They had never thought they’d go that far, but then it’s put if their control.

5. What I’m doing doesn’t count.
When I started, I thought it didn’t count because I was using scissors and it didn’t always break the skin and because of the fact I thought it was a “one time thing” or that I “could stop whenever” (as mentioned above). But, if you’re hurting yourself deliberately, it is self harm. Doesn’t matter how or how severe. Doesn’t matter if it’s cutting, burning, bruising, picking. It is self harm and telling yourself it’s ok or that it doesn’t matter is very dangerous.

6. I’m just doing it for attention, I must be, I have no reason.
I know there is a stigma of self harm “emo” or “attention seeking” or “a trend”, but in all honesty, are there not easier way to get attention? If you’re going as far as mutilating yourself for attention, then there IS a problem. There IS something wrong. Plus, a lot if people who tell themself this out of guilt, they hide it. Almost everyone hides it! I know I am never without a hoodie. So HOW IN THE DAMN HELL are you attention seeking? Why would you go through all that shit, just for some attention, that is likely to be negative on the first place!? You wouldn’t. There is obviously something wrong!

If anyone has anything to add, please do. If anyone has any questions or an idea on another similar topic I could do, feel free to ask. And if anyone ever needs to talk, I’m here (though I’m not sure how much help I am), but feel free to talk to me. Keep fighting everyone</p>


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am Fuzzy.
As you can probably tell, I love animals lol. I adore American Akitas and I also love other breeds including German Shepherd Dogs, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and all of the Japanese Spitz breeds. I love studying dogs in their training, feeding, and the different breeds I love. I also LOVE cats and bunnies and other animals too.
I love to draw, mostly doing traditional art. I usually only draw animals. I have been drawing my entire life and I've never had any lessons.
I absolutely love YouTube and the whole YouTube community. I love YouTubers like Grace Helbig, Shane Dawson, Charles Trippy, Kpopp, Jenna Marbles, PewDiePie, Laura Lejeune, Alli Speed, Jess Garrett, etc.
I also really love certain movies that I watch over and over again. My favorite actress is Chloe Moretz. I am also a fan of Ellen Page and Linda Blair.
I have a weird best friend. I made her weird as a child. We are weird together. Here she is :iconvivethepurpleweimy: My other best friend doesn't have a dA though lol.
Feel free to note me to talk about anything! Whether that be animals, YouTube, or things having to do with mental health (which I can very much relate to). All very different topics I just realized lol.
I currently have....
4 dogs and 3 step dogs
2 cats and 4 step cats
1 rabbit and 1 step rabbit
1 hamster and 1 step mouse
1 turtle
1 snail
18 fish and 2 step fish
I love my pets to death.

Point commission prices
Traditional cartoon drawing (no color): 10 points +1 pt per each character added ex.…
Traditional semi-realism drawing (no color): 15 points +5 pts per each character added ex.…
Digital lineart (no color): 10 points +2 pts per each character added ex.…
Full MSPaint drawing (colored): 20 points +5 pts per each character added ex.…

Ask me about art trades.

No requests please.

Check out my YouTube! FuzzyThePunkCat
You can also find me on Chicken Smoothie as FuzzyThePunkCat.

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